Your Vision, Their Sight

Somethings in life you don’t plan. You live your life, think about the things close to your heart & and there comes a perfect opportunity for you to realize what you dreamed of for so long.

Growing up, I’ve seen my family work very hard to make a good decent living. Dad being the sole earner did what he could to take care of mom, 3 daughters & a son (yeah, that’s me). He did have to toil hard to handle the weight of the family. He did well.

I’ve seen him scramble, struggle financially but never did he give up once. I still don’t know what kept him going, with little to no real support from his family, he was determined to get us kids to good life. Growing up, somewhere i carried that thought in my mind – “I’ll be your best investment, Mom & Dad”. He could have very well given up, but he didn’t.

Years forward, as the opportunity present, i made it to United States. Was that my goal growing up? No. Am i thankful, i’m in this country? Yes. Do i value America as much as i value my motherland, you bet!

Getting here wasn’t a ticket to good life. I thought it would, but it wasn’t. As software consultant, you do so called good, compared to others, but nothing in terms of the dreams i carried in my heart to payback to my family who has done so much for me.

Knowing nothing, i pursued my career, i was doing OK. Only thing i had learnt from my family is to be successful is to – Work Hard, Never Give up, Principles over Progress, Enjoy life, Never Lose a Smile and Never Ever Ever Ever Give up. Sometimes you get so busy planning the projects at work that you fail to plan your life. That’s what happened to me, I drifted in my life. I lost sight of my goal of making my family proud & paying back. I got busy and then drifted towards fun life  in this land of fun & freedom.

But God has his own way of turning things around. Never did i know meeting that one person at work, will open the flood gates to progress in my life. Ya, i wish those flood gates opened in a day. But it wasn’t like that. All i got was, “A PLAN” that God wanted me to follow. He gave me the plan and i had to work the plan. Many days of trial & error, chiseling myself, crying, wiping up tears, going at it one more time, life is much progressive today. Not only am i thankful for what i have, i’m also thankful what i am able to do with what i have.

So back to the family stuff. Seeing my dad & mom struggle throughout those years, i wanted them to reinvent themselves. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than “Giving” that will make you feel better. Charity brings in a feeling that nothing else would. I wanted my family to enjoy that feeling as well. And what better than offering sight to someone who otherwise may have fallen into the darkness of life.

I floated the idea to my dad to go country side (villages), meet few people, find the ones who need their eyes operated for cataract but aren’t able to  due to financial limitations and you take up the financial burden – ” You bridge the gap, Dad”. He said he’ll think. And i told him, if you do that, take few pics and i’ll post on Facebook and write about you. He said, what book is that. He probably will never read this, but i did what i told him, i will.

Next day, i see 3 missed calls from him.

Me: Dad – what’s up.

Dad : I have 4 people ready to get operated. I need the funds, send me the money.

Never heard so much enthusiasm in his voice. Over span for 4 weeks, i think he got some 20 operations done. My fixed budget for him, sure must have forced him to put a stop to his drive, but i am so thankful i worked evening hours and weekends for so many years on my business after my day job, to secure my finances, so that i could fund His Tiny Charity Drive.

Hearing from my mom, that Dad feels so good about himself these days, was so special. He somewhere knows he made a difference in someone’s life. For most of his life, he may have been a taker, but him being a giver today does make him feel good.  Don’t judge those hazy pics, you have no idea, i had to convince my dad to take those pics and he has no idea about pic quality, he would care less! Picture is not worth 1000 words, your action is.

I never realized when i was going thru the churn myself that one day what i’m doing will payback. i’m glad, i didn’t choose to let the opinion of the world become my reality. I don’t believe in reality, reality is for those who have no dreams to fight for. It’s a new found passion for me & Nidhi (my wife – partner in crime) to grow our business so big that we could fund bigger causes.

And here’s the man himself – My Dad & my amazing mom!!

Dedicating this post to them (they’ll probably never read) and to other hustlers out there working on their dream. You get one life, make the best of it and leave something worthwhile behind!!

Write More, Erase Less

Yes, you get 7 inches of pencil to write with and half inch eraser to undo your mistakes. Whoever came up with this idea, for sure was optimistic. All the writing you do with that long lead would only require small eraser to undo the unwanted writing?

Was that his intent? Or he wanted human to see what little things can do? Small eraser was strong to erase all the writing of long lead? Or was he wanting you to write more and force you to erase less. May be you should look at it that way – Write MORE, erase less. Do MORE, doubt less.

However most everyone doubts every move they make – What if it doesn’t work? What if my effort is wasted? What if its not for me?What will others think? What if i gave my best and failed? Isn’t that like erasing, before you start writing?  Here’s another “What If” – What if you spent hours erasing before you write first word? You wouldn’t do that, would you? Ever wonder why all this doubting? Has you past defeats crippled your present opportunity? That should never happen. Past should never slow you down. Past should serve you, not cripple you. It could teach you a lesson, not decide your future.

Now no one is saying – ‘not to think’. Think you should, plan you must every move. But once you put your hand on something, you do it with all your might. Move as if you wont be defeated.

Less you doubt, MORE you will do. More you do, more you will experience. And with every experience you get closer to mastery of your venture. Go out and DO MORE. If you dwell on that eraser, all you are left with after all the erasing is empty but smudged life…

Knowing itself sometimes makes the difference!!

Not that everything needs to be mastered. Understand, few things need to be learnt, paid attention to, applied, experienced but sometimes it just helps to know things. Its amazing how sometimes just knowing certain things, just being familiar with them can help to make better choices when need arises.

Just knowing 4 dimensions to good life could make a vast differences to the choices you make. You don’t need to consciously force it upon you, just knowing will steer your course of life. So here it is, 4 aspects to good life:

  1. Physical – It starts with the body. Take care if it and it takes care of so many things for you. Keep it moving and it keeps you moving. Ever got stuck up at work, couldn’t figure a way out, not sure what to do, emotions are heavier and you feel like you do not know what to do? MOVE – “Take a walk”. Easiest thing to get your life oriented well is to get some exercise going. You get moving, you life gets going!! And then what you eat decides who you are. Yes, its ok to eat junk once in a while, but its the daily eating that makes a big difference. Ever tried fasting, go ahead, try it, it will get you oriented well to handle so many other things in life with clarity. When gut is clogged, so is your thinking!!
  2. Mind – Its here that resides the secret to your prosperity. The quality of life is more than often proportional to the quality of your thoughts. To refine your thinking you need to feed your mind. Do you even have a control over what goes into your mind or do you have no filter & let anything get into your mind. Look at what you have been lately listening, watching … Chances are you are thinking what you watching & listening. Feed the mind good stuff and it helps you create a good life. No wonders someone rightly said – “A good book is man’s best friend”. Your thinking controls so many things in your life, refine your thinking by listening to other thinkers, reading and hanging around critical thinkers. Real problem is not that you really have problems, its that your thinking is a problem.
  3. Emotional Health – We are but emotional creatures. We may wear tough covers to hide our emotions but when mounted under pressure of life we do feel the need for that emotional reach out. Who do you have to reach out to when life pushes you around. Have you deposited into some relationships that you can reach out to when you feel the need for. Do you go to bed at peace knowing who’s got your back. Do you have that one person; who may not be your best friend but he’s the one you can count on. If you do, invest in that relationship, you cannot keep withdrawing without depositing. And then again is that feeding of mind enabling you to be emotionally strong & stable. It boils down to your mind, doesn’t it?
  4. Spiritual Health – Its not that you have to publicize your Faith. But do you have a spiritual grounding? You can acquire all the knowledge, all the material possessions and yet feel empty. Till the time you do not have spiritual backbone, you may not be able to stand up for & against things that make a difference. When you know that you are more than who you are and you represent the bigger whole, you would have courage to face anything and live through anything. Even during the days of joy you would remember the source of all joy, all sorrow!!

There’s many ways to look at life and into life, start by knowing these 4 areas and lot will go for you versus against you. Go live your life!!


Its in the Mirror!!

Look Closely. What you see? Have you ever tried searching, looking for it in the mirror? We look for everything around us, but miss looking at ourselves & within. So busy, cleaning, prepping, preening ourselves that we miss looking into our own eyes and asking, “What do I see”. We were always were taught, look in the eyes and talk, but we miss talking to ourselves looking into our own eye. When did you last look into your own eyes and asked – “How are you doing?” , “Where are you headed”, “Who are you” & “What you really want”  – What you see is what you get.

You look and you see no spark in your eyes? Maybe you are a wounded warrior, you failed & fell so often, your ego is bruised. You are a winner so you choose to stand up but you choose not to fight one more time. That’s why that spark is missing. Face yourself, go for it one more time. Failing is fine, it hurts but when you choose to fight one more time, when you retake that first step, it makes your heart beat & lights up the fire in you one more time. Go for it! One more time!

You look in those eyes and you see someone who’s not capable? When will you stop comparing yourself with others. When you compare you compare their best against your worst, you are bound to lose. Why compare, why not get inspired. If they can do, you can do it. Stare in the mirror, don’t stare yourself down, stare yourself up and roar back at mirror – I can do it, I’m best of the best, I’m ahead of the rest.

You look in the mirror & you sense doubt, that uncertainty – Maybe your goal is too high. You are not sure. That’s the sweet spot, your goal should take some sleep away, if you can sleep your way to winning, its better to lose. Let that uncertainty, make you move forward faster, harder and you turn that doubt into belief through planning & belief into reality through action. Or maybe you do not have no plan at all. Keep moving and think while you move, every road was once untraveled. Certainty will come, confidence will come.

You look in the mirror & you accept yourself as just fine – Isn’t it time to stop lying to self? You look in the mirror and you see few extra pounds around your waste and you say, I still look great. You look in mirror and it stares back at you with few things you need to overcome, but you close your eyes and say, I’m just fine. It’ll be OK. I’m positive. Being positive is must, but with no action, nothing gets done. Inaction turn positive into sour rather quick. Being positive is just an environment where you let the flowers of you action blossom, but you have to plant the seed to see the flowers. First part to making progress is accepting the fact that there is a change required. Stop Lying to yourself. Fix what you need to fix. Fix it one at a time or else you’ll have multiple unfixed, unfinished tasks which will leave you empty and drained.

If you can’t see face yourself, if you cant look in the eye, don’t break the mirror – maybe you need to break yourself out of the shell that you have built around yourself. Do what you know you SHOULD do & COULD do and you will have a reflection smiling back at you next time you look into the mirror.

So next time you see yourself in the mirror, see a winner, see a champion roaring to go and grab every opportunity to be more in life. See a spirit that has the potential of doing anything, yet chooses to focus at task in hand, see yourself as a better version of you and live each moment as if its the last time you seeing yourself in the mirror. See a better you & you’ll be a better you.

Have I peaked?

Its about year back that i made up my mind to start doing some physical exercise. Its funny, you have to convince your MIND to better your body. Sure this decision was not made on January 1st, new year hype. Most make a decision to Eat Less, Exercise More, Spend Less and Save More on 1st of the year and by the end of year they realize (if at all they do) – they saved nothing, spent it all, exercised a little and ate until there’s nothing left at all. So month of August, I decided, I’m going to workout for 15-20 mins, 3-4 times a week.  I remember wise man once throw a challenge – “Would you survive, if you had 23 hours and 30 mins in a day” – If yes is your answer than use 30 mins for working out. Sure I run busy, but I can carve out time if I want to. And I did and its been an exciting ride.

Few months of consistency and you get hooked to the habit. Good thing, its a good hook working out. And sure enough what you do in the gym, the fight, the overcoming, impacts your whole life. When you first lift the weight, you decide what’s an optimal weight you can handle. That sets your LIMIT. That limit sometimes is so difficult to challenge. You make progress, lift more weight, reach a certain level but so many times we as human race wrongly accept that we have peaked.

This question “Have I Peaked” is for human race, not for animals and plants. Animals never know their limits, plants neither. Its our race that has the power to define itself. Some of us have a powerful definition for ourselves, while most fail to define themselves. They never get to know themselves, forget about them trying to explain themselves to others. And those that do tend to define themselves, have this intellectual limitations set on who they can be, what they can be, what’s the best they can do and what’s the best they can make. Once defined, human tends to live within those self defined boundaries.

Now why did I write this whole story – I am myself fighting, I don’t want to accept I have peaked. When I started I could barely push myself to 100lbs on squat, I worked my way upto 170lbs by incrementing 5lbs everytime I lift. But past few weeks, my body failed to lift any extra, not because human body cant handle that weight but its the mind that sets the limitation. I’ve seem many lift way more than what I am trying to handle. But the thing that works in my favor, I am smart enough to know I have NOT peaked and dumb enough not to know what’s my PEAK. I will continue the journey, maybe repeat the same task over and over, lift the same weight few times before moving on to heavier one but move on I will for sure. That thrill of trying to find your best self is the finest journey one can ever take,

And its not just in lifting weight, but everywhere in life. Too many assume too soon that they have peaked and they never tap into their best potential. Yes there are enough stories written, but the best one is yet to be written, great music composed but best has yet to be composed, huge business teams built, but the best is yet to be built, Till the time you keep challenging your peak performance, you will realize you have so much to offer to this world rather than laying, smiling & THINKING you have given your best, yet KNOWING you have so much more to offer.

Probably i’ll share another story how I overcome this light weight of 180lb which my mind says is the PEAK and share with you the next time my mind reaches “Its PEAK” again. I know that I am far from peaking out in other areas of my life, I can do better financially, spiritually, in my relationships, in giving, caring, loving, I know I have much more to do.

Don’t get PEAKED out, you have much more to offer!!

2 Years …

Its been 2 years since the world announced that we be with each other  – its funny we need legal papers to be accepted in society, i need a marriage certificate to prove my marriage, i need a birth certificate to prove i was born – what if i misplace my birth certificate, i can never prove who i am? Scary . . . So when one dies, do they bury the birth certificate as well, or maybe replace it with death certificate, does one get a CHOICE of what fonts, text color goes on death certificate!!

Anyways, its 2 years (Officially) but we been together much longer than that. Though each day with you is special, full of anticipation, an anniversary in itself, but Anniversary is one of those rituals that brings refreshment. Many a time its a new start, new promises, more energy, looking forward in anticipation and much more. Every 31st Dec, so many feel refreshed, awaiting for it to be the dawn of new year. New Year, New Beginnings is what its termed as & that’s what i feel anniversary does. Its a new year to the same relationship and with every passing year as the human grows older & wiser (hopefully!) and so does the relationship – closer & happier (hopefully!).

Its been a great 2 year journey with you, a journey that I want to continue, a journey that is happy, never ending, a journey that keeps bringing us closer. In these past 2 years, there’s never been a dull moment, yes we have worked hard (I can do more I feel), yes we have been partners in crime, yes you have supported me for my stupid decisions (Thank you, continue doing so!), yes you have been awesome, yes I have been silly sometimes (read most of the times), yes you have been crazy wife (I like you that way), yes we share a great chemistry, yes we have a deeper bond, yes we have travelled places together, yes we have missed each other during solo business trips, yes you are my precious wife but the best is that I can not only call you my wife, but I have you as my girlfriend, my pride, my friend, my first mastermind and my precious possession.

I know you are quite familiar with next few lines, will wait for THE MOMENT to read it out loud – and that moment is coming soon, but for now, here’s it for you:

If not for you
Winter would have no spring
Couldn’t hear the robin sing
I just wouldn’t have a clue
If not for you…

Live life on the Edge

10 Its more than 2 years, we live so close to Smokey Mountains, yet it took a business hangout to get us to visit this amazing place. Its amazing how priorities can help you structure your life better versus running around and missing the major things while chasing the everyday mundane fun.

Think of Smokey’s and you think of water rafting. Everytime there’s an element of “UNKNOWN”, its adventurous – how’s the water current going to be, what if the raft turns over, will we be able to paddle through the current, all this makes a perfect recipe for fun & adventure. And the calming thought was – Many have done it AND we have a GUIDE. So lets jump into the raft. Before jumping in, the guides gives us 3 INSTRUCTIONS. In my mind, I felt I don’t need those instructions. We’ll be fine, but still just heard what he had to say.

You get into the water and moment your raft starts floating, you know you are in the unknown terrain and this fun ride could very well be a lasting experience. And for me it sure was. It was fun to sit in the front and lead, love that feeling when you face everything first, you have no cover, its just more thrilling.

The raft floats, we laugh, we giggle but first strong current and the water sucked me into the stream. And that’s when you know, if I panic, I lose it, if I stay calm, there are enough options. Isn’t that a good lesson for life, whether in water or lively everyday life? Sure, I stayed calm and then those 3 INSTRUCTIONS of the guide race through my mind; Thank God, I heard them though I didn’t want to – “Stay Clam, Don’t stand up, Flow with the water & the nearest raft will rescue you”. Most times we don’t want to take instructions, but it always come handy. Think of instructions as someone’s experience and your ego will never come in the way to accept it.

It was just 10 seconds and my guide pulled me back up into the raft. 10 Seconds of not knowing what next could happen is like years of walking in dark room, not knowing what hits you next. Moment I was back in the raft, I had this calming feeling, I am back in my territory, I’m safe. And I felt that much more confident, once you face the danger & survive, you feel more confident to face the journey, knowing that you know what worst could happen and how to live through it.

It doesn’t stop there, we have another hours or more to go in this rafting journey. We put our paddles in the water, we stroke, we move forward, sometimes we just flow with the water. And while everything seems calm, next big current and for God knows what reason, I am back in the water out of my raft. And moment I fell back in water, I knew this is not going to be 10 seconds with the water current being rapid and I could see my raft float far ahead. Stay Calm, Don’t stand up in flowing water, the nearest raft will rescue you, were the only thoughts I had. AND I don’t see no raft near me. I wanted to grab hold of a rock and sit on it, but water kept me floating away and forward. Do I have to finish the whole journey floating? Will I be rescued, what if I hit a rock hard, will my body be bruised with water current washing me with it. So many thoughts racing, but there’s always this overriding thought – “I’ll be fine”. And sure I was, water flow got little calmer and a raft picked me up and before I know I was traded back to my raft.

Good to be back with my mates, and one of them being my wife. I cant leave her and go, maybe I tested every danger to know how secure she is. Back on the raft, 2 dips in water, I know I can face anything now. I had this over bearing confidence, I can go in for the third time. And then you wonder what others might think, I could hear few laughs, some laughed too hard, but who cares, I’ve visited a territory that many may never visit and they might never know the complete deal of rafting.

Rest of the ride was smooth, no more falling off the raft, no more facing the water alone. Kept thinking, what’s it with me, to be pulled into water everytime. Maybe water God’s really like me. It was fun anyways, never easy to fumble and stand up, but everytime you stand up, you are better you. Though I am strong, I know I am weak, I am human.

And finally out of water, out of raft, we rush to see the pictures and I look at my pictures. There it was. I was sitting too much on the edge of the raft. Maybe that’s who I am, like to live life on the edge. I like to sit on the edge of my chair while I learn from a master, life is worth living on the edge, that’s what makes you cutting edge? Maybe! I am happy I was sitting on the edge of the raft, experienced what many may never. And happy I’m alive, maybe next time living on edge is good but not while rafting — maybe!


Every time I fly, I carry a book with me. Not only do I carry it, but every time I tell myself – “I will complete this book by the time I fly back home”. This has been the story for years, tens of flights, so many different books I’ve carried but never succeeded at turning my desire into reality. I never stopped though carrying a book and better yet never stopped making that promise – “I will finish this book by the time I return”.

So many flights later, I finally completed my first book. It took 4 flights over the weekend and 200 pages were down. Finishing the book before I landed in Nashville, I sure felt good & at the same time, didn’t feel much but kept thinking how did I do it? It was always the goal, but why did it happen, better yet, why didn’t I give up. I had all the reasons to stop aiming at finishing the book over the weekend or worst yet would have been to stop carrying the book. Why didn’t I give up?

And the thought flashed right in-front of me. I was indifferent to the outcome. Every time I failed, I never worried myself. I was more worried about the process. I wanted to know do i have the stick-ability of a postage stamp that sticks to an envelope and takes it around the globe. And i stuck with this thing of carrying a book each time i go & made a promise to complete it each time. I was indifferent to the outcome but very attached to the process.

Most successful people have that. They are indifferent to the outcome. WIN or LOSE is fine. But they stay attached to the process, Doing something over and over with same enthusiasm is bound to get you to improve and moment you improve you get results that you desire.

Be indifferent to the outcome, follow the process and keep getting better & better & you’ll have what you want. Once you get to where you wanted to get to, set a new horizon and launch the journey. As for me, i would like to repeat the same act. Complete a book over the weekend. Who says you have to fly to read 😉

Be Indifferent, it’ll make a Difference.

Be an expert at Failing; Don’t stay there though

Win itWho doesn’t want to have a niche at certain things, Be it their business or work or being known as life of the party. Everyone wants to be an expert. Worst yet is, that everyone wants to start as an expert. You jump into cockpit of a jet first time and expect to take off & land? I’m expecting a CRASH &  crash that you will. We all understand that and yet still want to start as an expert.

If you want to start as expert, how about being an expert at failing. Be the fastest and biggest at failing. You have heard that – Failure is the stepping stone? That FAILURE has failing, failing, failing, failing enough number of times before it turns into stepping stone. Yet so many try to avoid failing and want to get to succeeding on fast lane.

Fast lane to success is labeled as Fast Failing Lane. Just don’t fail. fail fast. fail bigger, learn from each fall and improve before you jump the next time but JUMP for SURE. You are still an expert, expert at failing – and knowing what I know, if you keep failing, learning, improving and keep moving, you ought to be get your stripes of success. But if you stop, turn around, don’t move, you are a FAILURE.


Create your own Day

Create your dayWe are all born with numerous powers. All hidden within us. We may though not have the power to exercise all those powers. As we grow, we are however left with ONE power, but that solo power can sure determine the course of our entire life –  Power of Choice. See where you are today and that’s direct reflection of the choices you have made. If you happy with where you are, great!, you made some good choices else time to think through every choice you make. One choice you sure have is to create Your Own Day. But when was the last time you did it? Chances are you are wondering where this is going? How can I create my own day, its already given to me, I just live it.

True its given to you, we all get 24 hours to live a day. Yet its like a notebook with 24 pages, blank 24 pages. Each page is an hour. If you hold that notebook in your hand with no plan of what to do, you will scribble on most pages, few pages would be carefully written and worst yet is the empty pages since you had nothing to do or write.

But if every night you sit with yourself and start crafting what goes on each page of next day’s notebook, you start creating your own day. No one says that you need to have each page planned. But if most of the hours of your next day are carefully thought through and planned previous night, chances are your next day will look like the one you wanted it to be. When you plan your next day, you are submitting the task to the universe. While you sleep, the universe goes to work and starts lining up things for you so that when you start your day, its just the one that you wanted it to be. You dint create it, but you sure own the blueprint of it. And if you don’t give a blueprint to the universe, it create a day of randomness and then you live it. Create your next day’s blueprint each night, make sure your blueprint is submitted in time for your worker to work. Its your choice to submit your blueprint or not – after all that’s all we have – Power of Choice. Choose Wisely!!

What do you think is one of the page on that 24 page daily notebook?