Hate “IT” with PASSION

Time and again the sleeping giant within each one of us wakes up, it roars for few days and we take charge of our life, we de-clutter our closet, our life, we exercise, we watch our diet, we read, we meditate and we give life to our goals hammering it all the way through. And that feeling – the feeling of feeling great keeps us going for few days and then the air is let loose and the balloon meets the ground. And for months the Giant “sleeps”. How can we keep moving, keep achieving and enjoy that feeling of greatness forever.

When we try to balance too many things, we get unbalanced quickly and often. It takes time to acquire a new habit. While trying to adopt too many good habit, we are easy prey to life’s circumstances and fall way side, not recovering anytime soon. Versus, pick one habit, discipline yourself, enjoy the discipline, make it your friend and when its part of your life, its time to bring on a new friend – another area of your life that you want to discipline. And the answer to cementing habit at a time, how to keep going is – Hate “IT” with Passion.

Love is a great motivator but there is no better energy than HATE. Love can be superficial, you can love someone half hearted. How’s hatred?!?! Its full proof, you are completely involved when you HATE something. Now hate what you want to change, hate it with all the “passion”, tell everyone around you, how much you hate being lazy, being a spendthrift, not working out, not working hard, sleeping too much, not eating right or anything. More you hate it, more you want to crush it. And that single feeling will help you to conquer your weakness and accomplish what you want. Ready to HATE?


My First Blog – ST. Patrick’s Day

Sitting here at my desk, i wonder if i made the right move to start blogging. I have been trying to avoid blogging from few months since the idea first occurred to me but i have not been able to resist the idea anymore. Its funny, how that idea kept flashing infront of me – I was at San Antonio Airport and i go pick this book – “How to promote yourself” with no idea it will start talking about blogging. I ignored it and kept moving on in life, but everytime i log on to social media, i felt the urge to blog. I am no Seth Godin or Jon Acuff or any of these mega bloggers, but everyone has a start and the journey follows 🙂

So here i am starting this journey of blogging which for me means spitting the brain saliva. Hope i have some good stuff to spit that could help others while i help myself to writing my brain using the keyboard.

Its all about the journey – be it inward or outward, its always about the journey.