When your journey is your destination

Sitting here at my desk, i wonder if i made the right move to start blogging. I have been trying to avoid blogging from few months since the idea first occurred to me but i have not been able to resist the idea anymore. Its funny, how that idea kept flashing infront of me – I was at San Antonio Airport and i go pick this book – “How to promote yourself” with no idea it will start talking about blogging. I ignored it and kept moving on in life, but everytime i log on to social media, i felt the urge to blog. I am no Seth Godin or Jon Acuff or any of these mega bloggers, but everyone has a start and the journey follows 🙂

So here i am starting this journey of blogging which for me means spitting the brain saliva. Hope i have some good stuff to spit that could help others while i help myself to writing my brain using the keyboard.

Its all about the journey – be it inward or outward, its always about the journey.


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