Every time I fly, I carry a book with me. Not only do I carry it, but every time I tell myself – “I will complete this book by the time I fly back home”. This has been the story for years, tens of flights, so many different books I’ve carried but never succeeded at turning my desire into reality. I never stopped though carrying a book and better yet never stopped making that promise – “I will finish this book by the time I return”.

So many flights later, I finally completed my first book. It took 4 flights over the weekend and 200 pages were down. Finishing the book before I landed in Nashville, I sure felt good & at the same time, didn’t feel much but kept thinking how did I do it? It was always the goal, but why did it happen, better yet, why didn’t I give up. I had all the reasons to stop aiming at finishing the book over the weekend or worst yet would have been to stop carrying the book. Why didn’t I give up?

And the thought flashed right in-front of me. I was indifferent to the outcome. Every time I failed, I never worried myself. I was more worried about the process. I wanted to know do i have the stick-ability of a postage stamp that sticks to an envelope and takes it around the globe. And i stuck with this thing of carrying a book each time i go & made a promise to complete it each time. I was indifferent to the outcome but very attached to the process.

Most successful people have that. They are indifferent to the outcome. WIN or LOSE is fine. But they stay attached to the process, Doing something over and over with same enthusiasm is bound to get you to improve and moment you improve you get results that you desire.

Be indifferent to the outcome, follow the process and keep getting better & better & you’ll have what you want. Once you get to where you wanted to get to, set a new horizon and launch the journey. As for me, i would like to repeat the same act. Complete a book over the weekend. Who says you have to fly to read ūüėČ

Be Indifferent, it’ll make a Difference.

Be an expert at Failing; Don’t stay there though

Win itWho doesn’t want to have a niche at certain things, Be it their business or work or being known as life of the party. Everyone wants to be an expert. Worst yet is, that everyone wants to start as an expert. You jump into cockpit of a jet first time¬†and expect to take off & land?¬†I’m¬†expecting a CRASH & ¬†crash¬†that you will. We all understand that and yet still want to start as an expert.

If you want to start as expert, how about being an expert at failing. Be the fastest and biggest at failing. You have heard that РFailure is the stepping stone? That FAILURE has failing, failing, failing, failing enough number of times before it turns into stepping stone. Yet so many try to avoid failing and want to get to succeeding on fast lane.

Fast lane to success is labeled as Fast Failing Lane. Just don’t fail. fail fast. fail bigger, learn from each fall and improve before you jump the next time but JUMP for SURE. You are still an expert, expert at failing – and knowing what I know, if you keep failing, learning, improving and keep moving, you ought to be get your stripes of success. But if you stop, turn around, don’t move, you are a FAILURE.


Create your own Day

Create your dayWe are all born with numerous powers. All hidden within us. We may though not have the power to exercise all those powers. As we grow, we are however left with ONE power, but that solo power can¬†sure determine¬†the course of our entire life –¬† Power of Choice. See where you are today and that’s direct reflection of the choices you have made. If you happy with where you are, great!, you made some good choices else time to think through every choice you make. One choice you sure have is to create Your Own Day. But when was the last time you did it? Chances are you are wondering where this is going? How can I create my own day, its already given to me, I just live it.

True its given to you, we all get 24 hours to live a day. Yet its like a notebook with 24 pages, blank 24 pages. Each page is an hour. If you hold that notebook in your hand with no plan of what to do, you will scribble on most pages, few pages would be carefully written and worst yet is the empty pages since you had nothing to do or write.

But if every night you sit with yourself and start crafting what goes on each page of next day’s notebook, you start creating your own day. No one says that you need to have each page planned. But if most of the hours of your next day are carefully thought through and planned previous night, chances are your next day will look like the one you wanted it to be. When you plan your next day, you are submitting the task to the universe. While you sleep, the universe goes to work and starts lining up things for you so that when you start your day, its just the one that you wanted it to be. You dint create it, but you sure own the blueprint of it. And if you don’t give a blueprint to the universe, it create a day of randomness and then you live it.¬†Create your next day’s blueprint¬†each night, make sure your blueprint is submitted in time for your worker to work. Its your choice to submit your blueprint or not – after all that’s all we have – Power of Choice. Choose Wisely!!

What do you think is one of the page on that 24 page daily notebook?

Day you are born, you begin to die

¬†Life doesn’t work in silence. There’s always something happening, something going on that makes us keep going. The day there’s nothing happening its end of the story. We have to work our way backward for most everything. The day you are born, you begin to die. Moment the fruit is ripe it starts turning to mush. To have more, give more. The day you choose to stop the chase, you are being chased by unknown. So stay at it, keep moving!! Remember – Day you are born, your countdown begins, make that countdown worth it, at the end of that countdown you are gone but hope you left enough memories for others. What would your countdown end with?