When your journey is your destination

Every time I fly, I carry a book with me. Not only do I carry it, but every time I tell myself – “I will complete this book by the time I fly back home”. This has been the story for years, tens of flights, so many different books I’ve carried but never succeeded at […]

Who doesn’t want to have a niche at certain things, Be it their business or work or being known as life of the party. Everyone wants to be an expert. Worst yet is, that everyone wants to start as an expert. You jump into cockpit of a jet first time and expect to take off & […]

We are all born with numerous powers. All hidden within us. We may though not have the power to exercise all those powers. As we grow, we are however left with ONE power, but that solo power can sure determine the course of our entire life –  Power of Choice. See where you are today and that’s […]

 Life doesn’t work in silence. There’s always something happening, something going on that makes us keep going. The day there’s nothing happening its end of the story. We have to work our way backward for most everything. The day you are born, you begin to die. Moment the fruit is ripe it starts turning to […]