When your journey is your destination

Its about year back that i made up my mind to start doing some physical exercise. Its funny, you have to convince your MIND to better your body. Sure this decision was not made on January 1st, new year hype. Most make a decision to Eat Less, Exercise More, Spend Less and Save More on […]

Its been 2 years since the world announced that we be with each other¬† – its funny we need legal papers to be accepted in society, i need a marriage certificate to prove my marriage, i need a birth certificate to prove i was born – what if i misplace my birth certificate, i can […]

¬†Its more than 2 years, we live so close to Smokey Mountains, yet it took a business hangout to get us to visit this amazing place. Its amazing how priorities can help you structure your life better versus running around and missing the major things while chasing the everyday mundane fun. Think of Smokey’s and […]