When your journey is your destination

Not that everything needs to be mastered. Understand, few things need to be learnt, paid attention to, applied, experienced but sometimes it just helps to know things. Its amazing how sometimes just knowing certain things, just being familiar with them can help to make better choices when need arises.

Just knowing 4 dimensions to good life could make a vast differences to the choices you make. You don’t need to consciously force it upon you, just knowing will steer your course of life. So here it is, 4 aspects to good life:

  1. Physical – It starts with the body. Take care if it and it takes care of so many things for you. Keep it moving and it keeps you moving. Ever got stuck up at work, couldn’t figure a way out, not sure what to do, emotions are heavier and you feel like you do not know what to do? MOVE – “Take a walk”. Easiest thing to get your life oriented well is to get some exercise going. You get moving, you life gets going!! And then what you eat decides who you are. Yes, its ok to eat junk once in a while, but its the daily eating that makes a big difference. Ever tried fasting, go ahead, try it, it will get you oriented well to handle so many other things in life with clarity. When gut is clogged, so is your thinking!!
  2. Mind – Its here that resides the secret to your prosperity. The quality of life is more than often proportional to the quality of your thoughts. To refine your thinking you need to feed your mind. Do you even have a control over what goes into your mind or do you have no filter & let anything get into your mind. Look at what you have been lately listening, watching … Chances are you are thinking what you watching & listening. Feed the mind good stuff and it helps you create a good life. No wonders someone rightly said – “A good book is man’s best friend”. Your thinking controls so many things in your life, refine your thinking by listening to other thinkers, reading and hanging around critical thinkers. Real problem is not that you really have problems, its that your thinking is a problem.
  3. Emotional Health – We are but emotional creatures. We may wear tough covers to hide our emotions but when mounted under pressure of life we do feel the need for that emotional reach out. Who do you have to reach out to when life pushes you around. Have you deposited into some relationships that you can reach out to when you feel the need for. Do you go to bed at peace knowing who’s got your back. Do you have that one person; who may not be your best friend but he’s the one you can count on. If you do, invest in that relationship, you cannot keep withdrawing without depositing. And then again is that feeding of mind enabling you to be emotionally strong & stable. It boils down to your mind, doesn’t it?
  4. Spiritual Health – Its not that you have to publicize your Faith. But do you have a spiritual grounding? You can acquire all the knowledge, all the material possessions and yet feel empty. Till the time you do not have spiritual backbone, you may not be able to stand up for & against things that make a difference. When you know that you are more than who you are and you represent the bigger whole, you would have courage to face anything and live through anything. Even during the days of joy you would remember the source of all joy, all sorrow!!

There’s many ways to look at life and into life, start by knowing these 4 areas and lot will go for you versus against you. Go live your life!!


Sarbjit Singh
Sarbjit Singh

I agree and its the spiritual health that lets you take those leaps of faith knowing that nothing is permanent here. When you look at this world from the spiritual eye you will know that whatever we are doing is just a fraction of what we will be doing in this lifetime or next and that gives you enough motivation and strength to keep going without worrying about the outcome.

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you have a good sense of humor.


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