Be an expert at Failing; Don’t stay there though

Win itWho doesn’t want to have a niche at certain things, Be it their business or work or being known as life of the party. Everyone wants to be an expert. Worst yet is, that everyone wants to start as an expert. You jump into cockpit of a jet first time and expect to take off & land? I’m expecting a CRASH &  crash that you will. We all understand that and yet still want to start as an expert.

If you want to start as expert, how about being an expert at failing. Be the fastest and biggest at failing. You have heard that – Failure is the stepping stone? That FAILURE has failing, failing, failing, failing enough number of times before it turns into stepping stone. Yet so many try to avoid failing and want to get to succeeding on fast lane.

Fast lane to success is labeled as Fast Failing Lane. Just don’t fail. fail fast. fail bigger, learn from each fall and improve before you jump the next time but JUMP for SURE. You are still an expert, expert at failing – and knowing what I know, if you keep failing, learning, improving and keep moving, you ought to be get your stripes of success. But if you stop, turn around, don’t move, you are a FAILURE.


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