When your journey is your destination

We all are creatures of feelings. Our feelings direct us and the course of our lives. Remember the time, you didn’t feel like doing something. It was harder to move you to action than getting a kid to leave the pool after the day long fun in water. You felt helpless. If it was the […]

Somethings in life you don’t plan. You live your life, think about the things close to your heart & and there comes a perfect opportunity for you to realize what you dreamed of for so long. Growing up, I’ve seen my family work very hard to make a good decent living. Dad being the sole […]

Now no one is saying – ‘not to think’. Think you should, plan you must every move. But once you put your hand on something, you do it with all your might. Move as if you wont be defeated.

Not that everything needs to be mastered. Understand, few things need to be learnt, paid attention to, applied, experienced but sometimes it just helps to know things. Its amazing how sometimes just knowing certain things, just being familiar with them can help to make better choices when need arises. Just knowing 4 dimensions to good […]

Look Closely. What you see? Have you ever tried searching, looking for it in the mirror? We look for everything around us, but miss looking at ourselves & within. So busy, cleaning, prepping, preening ourselves that we miss looking into our own eyes and asking, “What do I see”. We were always were taught, look in the eyes […]

Its about year back that i made up my mind to start doing some physical exercise. Its funny, you have to convince your MIND to better your body. Sure this decision was not made on January 1st, new year hype. Most make a decision to Eat Less, Exercise More, Spend Less and Save More on […]

Its been 2 years since the world announced that we be with each other  – its funny we need legal papers to be accepted in society, i need a marriage certificate to prove my marriage, i need a birth certificate to prove i was born – what if i misplace my birth certificate, i can […]

 Its more than 2 years, we live so close to Smokey Mountains, yet it took a business hangout to get us to visit this amazing place. Its amazing how priorities can help you structure your life better versus running around and missing the major things while chasing the everyday mundane fun. Think of Smokey’s and […]

Every time I fly, I carry a book with me. Not only do I carry it, but every time I tell myself – “I will complete this book by the time I fly back home”. This has been the story for years, tens of flights, so many different books I’ve carried but never succeeded at […]

Who doesn’t want to have a niche at certain things, Be it their business or work or being known as life of the party. Everyone wants to be an expert. Worst yet is, that everyone wants to start as an expert. You jump into cockpit of a jet first time and expect to take off & […]