When your journey is your destination

T he world is busy and so is the human trying to match pace with the world. Living day to day, most times going through the mundane yet necessary events in life, so many of us lose our identity. And sometimes you see those so called successful figures at work place or business world that we start feeling smaller than an ant in the grand scheme of things. I am nobody the voice within you screams. I know myself, I have so many short comings, how would I ever get to be where the successful figures are today, I am not like them.

Thank God you are not like everybody else. Imagine a world full of one kind of human. Uniqueness is what makes life interesting and explorable. Imagine a rose trying to be lily, infact imagine if there’s just one kind of flower – all lilies. For birthday, for expressing love, romance, funeral, its just lilies – wont that be monotonous? Good part is, lilies cant think, nor can a rose but Human can. And that’s where it starts. Most people either don’t think or don’t think accurately. Why worry how the other is, how about we ACCEPT ourselves as we ARE.

Accept yourself the way you are. You are perfect as you are. Just that you need to figure who you are and what’s unique about you. Moment you accept yourself and stop worrying, comparing yourself to other, you are on road to happiness. Other human’s strengths should inspire you to be a better version of YOU and not intimidate you.

Be “A Class” yourself rather than being “B Class” someone else. Stop beating yourself down. Road to prosperity starts with acceptance of self. If you are not happy where you are currently in life when it comes to success, remember success is a component of goal setting and achieving. You cant achieve if you don’t accept yourself as who you are. If you messed up, accept it, embrace yourself, pick yourself up, its just fine, go on for one more try. Just cos you didn’t perform your best one day, just cos you didn’t exercise discipline one day doesn’t give you no right to make yourself look smaller. Be happy in your skin, your imperfections are what makes you perfect. Accept and move forward.