When your journey is your destination

Years back i was a wandering light, today i aspire to be a light for many – KD Lakhesar

I’ve come a long way. I have lot more to travel. Coming from humble beginnings, raised in a family that is well knit with love, morals and values, i always wanted to make a difference in my family’s future and impact many lives positively. I wandered around, followed the path that the world had set for me, but, i’m glad today i am on completely different journey.

My journey today is one of self development, self awareness, entrepreneurship and challenging the human potential to unleash itself to create something bigger and better. My journey today is of living life at next level where you draw the best out of your life. There are many who are on this journey with me and there are many who i aspire to reach out to.

“You were born anonymous, don’t die anonymous. Make a dent “