When your journey is your destination

Look Closely. What you see? Have you ever tried searching, looking for it in the mirror? We look for everything around us, but miss looking at ourselves & within. So busy, cleaning, prepping, preening ourselves that we miss looking into our own eyes and asking, “What do I see”. We were always were taught, look in the eyes and talk, but we miss talking to ourselves looking into our own eye. When did you last look into your own eyes and asked – “How are you doing?” , “Where are you headed”, “Who are you” & “What you really want”  – What you see is what you get.

You look and you see no spark in your eyes? Maybe you are a wounded warrior, you failed & fell so often, your ego is bruised. You are a winner so you choose to stand up but you choose not to fight one more time. That’s why that spark is missing. Face yourself, go for it one more time. Failing is fine, it hurts but when you choose to fight one more time, when you retake that first step, it makes your heart beat & lights up the fire in you one more time. Go for it! One more time!

You look in those eyes and you see someone who’s not capable? When will you stop comparing yourself with others. When you compare you compare their best against your worst, you are bound to lose. Why compare, why not get inspired. If they can do, you can do it. Stare in the mirror, don’t stare yourself down, stare yourself up and roar back at mirror – I can do it, I’m best of the best, I’m ahead of the rest.

You look in the mirror & you sense doubt, that uncertainty – Maybe your goal is too high. You are not sure. That’s the sweet spot, your goal should take some sleep away, if you can sleep your way to winning, its better to lose. Let that uncertainty, make you move forward faster, harder and you turn that doubt into belief through planning & belief into reality through action. Or maybe you do not have no plan at all. Keep moving and think while you move, every road was once untraveled. Certainty will come, confidence will come.

You look in the mirror & you accept yourself as just fine – Isn’t it time to stop lying to self? You look in the mirror and you see few extra pounds around your waste and you say, I still look great. You look in mirror and it stares back at you with few things you need to overcome, but you close your eyes and say, I’m just fine. It’ll be OK. I’m positive. Being positive is must, but with no action, nothing gets done. Inaction turn positive into sour rather quick. Being positive is just an environment where you let the flowers of you action blossom, but you have to plant the seed to see the flowers. First part to making progress is accepting the fact that there is a change required. Stop Lying to yourself. Fix what you need to fix. Fix it one at a time or else you’ll have multiple unfixed, unfinished tasks which will leave you empty and drained.

If you can’t see face yourself, if you cant look in the eye, don’t break the mirror – maybe you need to break yourself out of the shell that you have built around yourself. Do what you know you SHOULD do & COULD do and you will have a reflection smiling back at you next time you look into the mirror.

So next time you see yourself in the mirror, see a winner, see a champion roaring to go and grab every opportunity to be more in life. See a spirit that has the potential of doing anything, yet chooses to focus at task in hand, see yourself as a better version of you and live each moment as if its the last time you seeing yourself in the mirror. See a better you & you’ll be a better you.