When your journey is your destination

Every time I fly, I carry a book with me. Not only do I carry it, but every time I tell myself – “I will complete this book by the time I fly back home”. This has been the story for years, tens of flights, so many different books I’ve carried but never succeeded at turning my desire into reality. I never stopped though carrying a book and better yet never stopped making that promise – “I will finish this book by the time I return”.

So many flights later, I finally completed my first book. It took 4 flights over the weekend and 200 pages were down. Finishing the book before I landed in Nashville, I sure felt good & at the same time, didn’t feel much but kept thinking how did I do it? It was always the goal, but why did it happen, better yet, why didn’t I give up. I had all the reasons to stop aiming at finishing the book over the weekend or worst yet would have been to stop carrying the book. Why didn’t I give up?

And the thought flashed right in-front of me. I was indifferent to the outcome. Every time I failed, I never worried myself. I was more worried about the process. I wanted to know do i have the stick-ability of a postage stamp that sticks to an envelope and takes it around the globe. And i stuck with this thing of carrying a book each time i go & made a promise to complete it each time. I was indifferent to the outcome but very attached to the process.

Most successful people have that. They are indifferent to the outcome. WIN or LOSE is fine. But they stay attached to the process, Doing something over and over with same enthusiasm is bound to get you to improve and moment you improve you get results that you desire.

Be indifferent to the outcome, follow the process and keep getting better & better & you’ll have what you want. Once you get to where you wanted to get to, set a new horizon and launch the journey. As for me, i would like to repeat the same act. Complete a book over the weekend. Who says you have to fly to read 😉

Be Indifferent, it’ll make a Difference.