When your journey is your destination

Its about year back that i made up my mind to start doing some physical exercise. Its funny, you have to convince your MIND to better your body. Sure this decision was not made on January 1st, new year hype. Most make a decision to Eat Less, Exercise More, Spend Less and Save More on 1st of the year and by the end of year they realize (if at all they do) – they saved nothing, spent it all, exercised a little and ate until there’s nothing left at all. So month of August, I decided, I’m going to workout for 15-20 mins, 3-4 times a week.  I remember wise man once throw a challenge – “Would you survive, if you had 23 hours and 30 mins in a day” – If yes is your answer than use 30 mins for working out. Sure I run busy, but I can carve out time if I want to. And I did and its been an exciting ride.

Few months of consistency and you get hooked to the habit. Good thing, its a good hook working out. And sure enough what you do in the gym, the fight, the overcoming, impacts your whole life. When you first lift the weight, you decide what’s an optimal weight you can handle. That sets your LIMIT. That limit sometimes is so difficult to challenge. You make progress, lift more weight, reach a certain level but so many times we as human race wrongly accept that we have peaked.

This question “Have I Peaked” is for human race, not for animals and plants. Animals never know their limits, plants neither. Its our race that has the power to define itself. Some of us have a powerful definition for ourselves, while most fail to define themselves. They never get to know themselves, forget about them trying to explain themselves to others. And those that do tend to define themselves, have this intellectual limitations set on who they can be, what they can be, what’s the best they can do and what’s the best they can make. Once defined, human tends to live within those self defined boundaries.

Now why did I write this whole story – I am myself fighting, I don’t want to accept I have peaked. When I started I could barely push myself to 100lbs on squat, I worked my way upto 170lbs by incrementing 5lbs everytime I lift. But past few weeks, my body failed to lift any extra, not because human body cant handle that weight but its the mind that sets the limitation. I’ve seem many lift way more than what I am trying to handle. But the thing that works in my favor, I am smart enough to know I have NOT peaked and dumb enough not to know what’s my PEAK. I will continue the journey, maybe repeat the same task over and over, lift the same weight few times before moving on to heavier one but move on I will for sure. That thrill of trying to find your best self is the finest journey one can ever take,

And its not just in lifting weight, but everywhere in life. Too many assume too soon that they have peaked and they never tap into their best potential. Yes there are enough stories written, but the best one is yet to be written, great music composed but best has yet to be composed, huge business teams built, but the best is yet to be built, Till the time you keep challenging your peak performance, you will realize you have so much to offer to this world rather than laying, smiling & THINKING you have given your best, yet KNOWING you have so much more to offer.

Probably i’ll share another story how I overcome this light weight of 180lb which my mind says is the PEAK and share with you the next time my mind reaches “Its PEAK” again. I know that I am far from peaking out in other areas of my life, I can do better financially, spiritually, in my relationships, in giving, caring, loving, I know I have much more to do.

Don’t get PEAKED out, you have much more to offer!!