When your journey is your destination

We are all born with numerous powers. All hidden within us. We may though not have the power to exercise all those powers. As we grow, we are however left with ONE power, but that solo power can sure determine the course of our entire life –  Power of Choice. See where you are today and that’s […]

 Life doesn’t work in silence. There’s always something happening, something going on that makes us keep going. The day there’s nothing happening its end of the story. We have to work our way backward for most everything. The day you are born, you begin to die. Moment the fruit is ripe it starts turning to […]

T he world is busy and so is the human trying to match pace with the world. Living day to day, most times going through the mundane yet necessary events in life, so many of us lose our identity. And sometimes you see those so called successful figures at work place or business world that […]

And so I wanted to make sure my watch, old yet favorite – its funny how some old stuff is so close to your heart, sometimes the older it is more connected or should I say comfortable you are with it – does not break when I go out today to play for my team at work, you don’t want to […]

Claim that you are the best and then work it backwards. Once you have announced to the world that you are the very best at what you claim to be best at, you will dig for information, you will do whatever is necessary to keep your claim true because you know you can fool others […]

The door to success is always open, there’s no lock, one has to just kick open it & that strong kick is your WORK. The world outside though keeps gathering keys to SUCCESS. Knowledge sure is power, learning more, knowing more is valuable but what about doing more? If someone is willing to get off […]

I have not read one time, WORRY your way to success. If there had been any merits of worrying, I’m sure there would have been enough books written about it, enough quotes around it and it would have been one more key to the otherwise unlocked door to success. But its the worrying habit that […]

People demand it all the time, they act different from who they are to get it : Self Respect  – often quoted but vaguely understood. So many times you see people working hard on demanding respect and its more they demand, that more they crave for it and lesser they get it. Self respect has […]

Its the mind that sets the barrier & its the mind that breaks it. And its the mind that defines the new limits, new barriers. But its never the same mind.Those could be the barriers in terms of what you can do at your work, what you can accomplish in your business, in terms of […]

In life sometimes when you have travelled the distance, you have seen the world, you come to a point where some ink on paper makes an impression on your heart and deep within you feel you have travelled & you need to continue not just of yourself but for others. And sometime that “others” is […]