PROclaim first and then be the PRO

Claim that you are the best and then work it backwards. Once you have announced to the world that you are the very best at what you claim to be best at, you will dig for information, you will do whatever is necessary to keep your claim true because you know you can fool others only for so long. Most time people wait to acquire all the information, acquire all the experience before they step forward as an expert. If you don’t call yourself the best who else will? You start, other follow, but they’ll follow only for so long, and that should be enough for you to get to the best. Most times its too late, and it not that you go around lying to the world but the whole deal is that be confident in yourself that you are the very best with what you have and you will be that much better now. Once you claim you are the best, you will fight your fight to stay the best (or maybe that’s the only way you’ll get to be the best). Fear of losing your face is a good motivator for mankind.

Irony of this world is that most smart ones  are full of doubt and most fools are full of confident. Lets change that game!!

In HIS eyes You are indeed THE BEST.

Don’t worry about it!

Take ActionI have not read one time, WORRY your way to success. If there had been any merits of worrying, I’m sure there would have been enough books written about it, enough quotes around it and it would have been one more key to the otherwise unlocked door to success. But its the worrying habit that keeps putting lock after lock after lock on that door. I wont worry about the stuff that I cant control and for the stuff that I can control why worry. If you find yourself worrying, then Don’t Worry About it!

  1. What you worrying about? Most worry arouses out of confusion. Its when one has too many choice and you don’t want to make a wrong decision. If it was one choice, there’s no thinking involved & its easy. Write down what is that you worrying about. Its the first step. Do it.  Just write.
  2. What can you do about it? If we act, half of the battle is won. Right thinking and right action leads to NO WORRY. List down what can you do based on What you know, What resources you have & Who you know. Sometimes all you need is an empty sheet of paper and pen to break down your challenge. If you can break it down on paper you will break it down in reality. So write down what possible options you have to overcome what you dealing with.
  3. Make a choice – Decide! You are more smarter, more stronger, more wiser that you think you are. Make a choice based on how you feel, what you know from past experience and what you think is apt. By all means consult a better mind (your coach, a mentor, a friend whose ahead in life) if you have one or better yet find one. But if nothing else, YOU make the decision. That’s your plan of action. You may not have a perfect plan but its 10 times better than no plan. No plan mean ALL WORRY NO ACTION
  4. Stick with your Plan – Start following your plan. Stick with it. Don’t let the initial results discourage you. Its amazing when you start working and are lost in work, you wont worry. I am too busy, I have no time for worry – Winston Churchill.

That’s the sure formula I know of overcoming your worry habit. Its a habit, it start small but eats a human at his roots if not attacked carefully. Its the empty mind that creates complication. One who is too busy doing what he needs to do, ought to do, have to do, has no time whatsoever to worry about worrying. So stop worrying start doing.

Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is not here, Only control you have is on today. What you do today is a preparation for tomorrow, so live fully today to have a better tomorrow.